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          BUMATEC has built firm relationships with customers around the world based on our superior technology and many experiences which can enable us to jump up to be the global leading company.

          What's New World Class Quality BUMATEC

          VIIF 2017 (Vietnam International Industrial Fair)


          Vietnam International Industrial Fair is one of the most influential trade fairs in the domain of Machinery, Machine tools, Plastic Machinery, Automation, Tooling hardware, fastener and Air compressors. More than 200 exhibitors showcased and demonstrated their products and services this year.

          HA NOI AIR COMPRESSOR JOINT STOCK COMPANY, a sales agent of BUMA TEC CO., LTD. in Hanoi city, held a booth in an exhibition hall. To support sales activity and promotion during the fair we dispatched three persons (Mr. Kim - President, Mr. Allen Kang and Ted Lee – Overseas sales team) and had meetings with customers.

          We would like to inform all of our agents that we are always willing to support any sales activities like we did for VIIF 2017 at Hanoi, Vietnam.