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          BUMATEC has built firm relationships with customers around the world based on our superior technology and many experiences which can enable us to jump up to be the global leading company.

          PLC Intelligent Control System World Class Quality BUMATEC

          Linkage Control

          This function can be available to control multiple sets of compressors for stable air supply. It consists with one set of host and the rest sets of auxiliaries. The host can be nominated simply in the controller.

          Remote Control

          Remote control of air compressors could be realized by wire or wireless using intelligent logic controller with microcomputer or ‘Dispersion Control System (DCS) and BUMATEC’s smart control with communication interface.

          Extended Function

          All the compressors of different locations of the world can be controlled and monitored real time operation status on the website, thus it increase the reliability and saves the cost

          Control Solutions

          Computer Display Monitor

          Control unit can be connected with computer using LAN cable for easy control in the office.
          It can control air compressors and air exhaust valves from central control center.
          Monitoring is possible for abnormal operation and real time line pressure, etc.
          It is possible to control and make report by intelligent control system.

          Remote Control on Touch Screen

          Control unit can be connected with Touch screen controller using LAN cable for easy control in the remote area.
          It can control air compressors and air exhaust valves from this touch screen.
          On the touch screen, it can be monitored and control the same issues as combined control unit.

          Comp-Keeper : SMS system

          It sends administrator the status of air compressor when it has malfunction occurred or maintenance required.
          Max. 18 cell phone numbers can be put on record.
          In accordance with air compressor status, it can be written in multiple languages.
          Computer Control
          Linkage Control