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          BUMATEC has built firm relationships with customers around the world based on our superior technology and many experiences which can enable us to jump up to be the global leading company.

          Integrated Structure
          • BUMATEC has applied built-in structure for PM (permanent magnet) motor & air end which is able to make the compact size of air compressor. Because of direct connection of two shafts, the mechanical loss is eliminated and the feature is simple and compact. Permanent magnet motor has no motor bearing, and realize transmission efficiency of 100 %, and high efficiency permanent magnet NdFeB, do not loss excitation even 120 ℃, and increase the durability. Inverter dedicated enameled wire that is corona discharge resistance is adopted for stator coil, which has outstanding insulation performance and durability
          • HF pm motor without bearing, shaft directly connection, embedded integrated design

          High Efficiency Permanent Magnet Motor Frequency Conversion Control
          • The motor revolution speed can be adjusted by variable frequency control in accordance with air demand. The energy saving effect is prominent compared to normal motor with fixed revolution. With application of PM motor, the energy saving rate is increased from 6 to 7 % compared to ordinary inverter compressor which is not equipped with permanent magnet motor. It also has an advantage in low load range. BPM series air compressors can be operated in wide range of revolution speed, and the energy saving rate is 42 % better compared to ordinary compressors of frequency fixed.
          How much it can save?

          The answer is 25 to 44 %. the energy consumption rate of air compressor in a factory could be more than 40 % from whole energy consumption, this BPM series can significantly reduce energy consumption. It can control production of air volume by variable speed control in accordance with actual demand of compressed air.

          BUMATEC Inverter Compressors Reduce Energy Consumption. The reason is as follows.
          Eliminate the inefficient conversion process from unload to full load.
          Applied permanent magnet motor, energy saving is 6 to 7 % higher compared to other ordinary inverter compressor.
          Air end and motor are directly connected in body structure.
          Avoided power consumption when unload status.
          Maintain the fluctuation pressure under 0.01 MPa in the process line.
          Reduced the average working pressure.
          Reduced system leakage.
          Soft start method improved current balance of motor and prevented shock of current.
          Provided free choice range from 4 to 13 bar, hence it can achieved maximum efficiency.
          Comparison of inverter compressor between 55 kW standard type and PM motor type
          BPM Series PM (Permanent Magnetic) Motor Inverter Type Specification
          BPM Series PM (Permanent Magnetic) Motor Inverter Type Specification
          Model Motor Power Flow Meter Pressure Lub Oil Outlet
          Dimension Weight
          (kW) (HP) (m3/ min) (bar) (?) L x W x H (mm) (Kg)
          BPM 15 15 20 0.35-2.30 8 10 G3/4" 1150×850×1100 350
          0.31-2.03 10
          BPM 22 22 30 0.56-3.71 8 12 G1" 1300×950×1270 500
          0.52-3.42 10
          BPM 37 37 50 1.03-6.86 8 20 G1-1/2" 1550×1000×1380 750
          0.91-5.95 10
          BPM 45 45 60 1.32-8.79 8 G2" 1700×1100×1520 1200
          1.16-7.73 10 G1-1/2" 1550×1000×1380 800
          BPM 55 55 75 1.63-10.74 8 40 G2" 1700×1100×1520 1200
          1.40-9.32 10
          BPM 75 75 100 2.07-13.8 8 50 2100×1200×1620 1500
          1.81-12.0 10
          BPM 90 90 125 2.45-16.33 8 60 DN50 2200×1350×1650 1900
          2.05-13.65 10
          BPM 110 110 150 3.03-20.2 8 75 DN65 2500×1500×1950 2200
          2.69-17.9 10
          BPM 132 132 180 3.62-24.1 8
          3.21-21.3 10