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          BUMATEC has built firm relationships with customers around the world based on our superior technology and many experiences which can enable us to jump up to be the global leading company.

          • Automatically Adjusted Variable Speed Control

            The advantage of inverter type screw air compressor is energy saving, and it is more efficient when producing big volume of compressed air. Among whole compressed air cost, 60 % is power consumption cost. And the electricity cost of compressed air production is more than 40% of whole electricity cost of a factory. The demand of compressed air is varied every time, and the fluctuation rate is 40 to 80 %. With application of inverter control system, the compressed air can be produced at accurate volume according to the demand. When air consumption is less, then the delivery of air is also reduced, and this leads less energy consumption. The point is to change the frequency of electric source for reducing energy consumption when unloading, thus it minimizes the energy consumption.

          • Principle of Inverter Control Air Compressor

            The client system pressure of air compressor is used for control. The inverter, pressure sensor, and the variable speed motor are formed the closed loop system for the inverter control. The pressure for system conversion can be set up directly on the operation panel, and the system pressure can be detected and transferred to controller as micro current of 4 to 20 μA. This micro current is calculated for PID control, and compared with the set pressure for system conversion, thus the inverter output frequency is determined. The main motor revolution speed is variable and the air production volume can be matched to the demand. Hence it realizes both the constant compressed air volume and energy saving.

          Five-year lifespan Total Cost Comparison
          • Through constant pressure control, it can be approached rapidly for the demand of air volume and the pressure.
            energy saving comparison between standard type and inverter type

            Since it can control the pressure of the variable range under 0.01 MPa, it can obtain the highest efficiency among various energy saving methods.

          • Variable frequency soft start, No current peak phenomenon
            No peak current

            The variable frequency soft start method eliminates the peak current of starting, which is able to prevent the shock impact on the power grid. Through the gradual speed adjustment, it can prevent the current shock and improve the flexibility of power supply.

          Optional Function : Switching from Variable Frequency to Power Frequency

          There is a spare starter for power frequency. When the inverter system is failed, then the starter is automatically switched to the power frequency mode so that it does not affect the production rate of compressed air.

          High Performance Of Vector Control
          • The characteristics of real current vector control inverter are low starting torque and little running current. Compared to variable frequency (V/F) control, relatively big torque can be obtained even the current is low. Inverter has pause function, when the air consumption is little, the compressor can be stopped and restarted automatically to achieve maximum saving of power source. This is possible to make pause instead of long term operation with lower limit frequency. We have applied the vector control technology to operate the BUMATEC compressor with extremely wide range of speed adjusting, so that the motor temperature rising can be controlled as minimum and the operation can be done very calmly with proper torque. The technology of vector control is to control magnetic flux component and torque component respectively from stator current, and then it combines the vectors and converts to control signal parameter for effective control of electromagnetic torque. Motor temperature can be controlled even low speed revolution caused current control. For the model of power 18.5 kW or bigger one, the built-in DC current reactor restrains RF and harmonic interference, and provides better protection functions for users, i.e., voltage, current, temperature, ground and shot circuit.
          V Series Inverter Type Specification
          V Series Direct Drive Coupling Type
          Model Motor Power Flow Meter Pressure Lub Oil Outlet
          Dimension Weight
          (kW) (HP) (m3/ min) (bar) (?) L x W x H (mm) (Kg)
          BFB 11V 11 15 0.4-2.0 7 8 G3/4" 800×720×830 210
          0.32-1.6 8
          0.28-1.42 10
          BFB 15V 15 20 0.5-2.5 7 10 1150×850×1100 360
          0.46-2.3 8
          0.4-2.0 10
          BFB 18.5V 18.5 25 0.62-3.1 7 400
          0.58-2.9 8
          0.52-2.6 10
          BFD 22V 22 30 0.76-3.8 7 12 G1" 1300×950×1290 550
          0.72-3.6 8
          0.6-3.0 10
          BFD 30V 30 40 1.04-5.2 7 20 G1-1/2" 1550×1000×1390 680
          1.0-5.0 8
          0.9-4.5 10
          BFD 37V 37 50 1.3-6.5 7 800
          1.24-6.2 8
          1.14-5.7 10
          BFD 45V 45 60 1.6-8.0 7 960
          1.5-7.5 8
          1.38-6.9 10
          BFD 55V 55 75 2.06-10.3 7 40 G2" 1700×1100×1520 1600
          1.92-9.6 8
          1.74-8.7 10
          BFD 75V 75 100 2.7-13.5 7 50 2100×1200×1620 1900
          2.5-12.5 8
          2.24-11.2 10
          BFD 90V 90 125 3.26-16.3 7 60 DN50 2200×1350×1670
          3.16-15.9 8
          2.8-14.0 10
          BFD 110V 110 150 4.2-21.0 7 75 DN65 2500×1500×1950 2800
          4.0-20.0 8
          3.4-17.0 10
          BFD 132V 132 180 4.7-23.5 7
          4.5-22.5 8
          4.2-21.0 10
          BFD 160V 160 220 5.6-28.0 7 85 DN80 2800×1720×1920 3500
          5.4-27.0 8
          5.0-25.0 10
          BFD 185V 185 250 6.4-32.0 7 4000
          6.0-30.0 8
          5.56-27.8 10
          BFD 250V 250(2 Pole) 340 8.7-43.5 7 100 DN100 3300×2000×2150 5000
          8.36-41.8 8
          7.6-38.0 10
          BFD 250V 250(4 Pole) 340 8.7-43.5 7 5500
          8.36-41.8 8
          7.6-38.0 10